When To Repair Or Replace Your Air-Conditioner

Air-conditioners imagining summers without them is a sore sight to the eyes. Not only, does an air-conditioner provide you cooling it also have many other advantages it provides a comfortable environment for you to work in and hence improving your productivity, also it is very helpful for people suffering from asthma or allergies as it circulates clean and fresh air and hence helping reduce the same.

But, you feel that your air-conditioner is currently having a lot of break-downs, and you are not feeling as comfortable as you used to when you first bought the A.C. Then it is about time you change it or replace it. Given below are signs that it is time for you to repair or replace your air-conditioner:-


Most air-conditioners are built to work efficiently for 10 years and if your unit is past that time parameter then it is time you have your system replace and invest in a new one because sooner or later it will break down and to avoid that stage, you should start looking for other options best suiting your cooling needs.



Always finding dust on your furniture and corners of the house even after having them thoroughly cleaned, there is a good chance that there is leaks in the ductwork and you should get it repaired, and if there is an increase in the noise it means that you might have problems under its inner coil and you might consider repairing the unit.



Inconsistency in cooling in different parts of your house is a major sign one might consider having his system checked, and replaced if need be.



Your electricity bill is rising, and so are your utility bills as you have called the repairman quite a few times. It is one major indication that you might consider replacing your system.


These are a few signs one might consider to have his system replaced or repaired. Looking for an air-conditioning repair service in Mumbai? Worry not for SUPER SURE SERVICES are there to help you with your repairs.

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